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Occupational Therapy


(Free of charge – typically 20 minutes in length)

At this time, consultations are being completed via telehealth or over the phone. We will discuss areas of concern and problem solve through the next best action – OT evaluation or referring on to the appropriate professional.


Evaluation to assess fine and gross motor development, self-care skills, sensory processing and integration skills, visual-motor and visual perceptual skills, and any other relevant areas of concern. All information is gathered and compiled in a report. Findings and recommendations  are then reviewed with the family.

Direct treatment

If indicated following evaluation, we offer one-on-one occupational therapy services. Our team serves families in both the Illinois Valley (Putnam County, LaSalle County, Marshall County, and Bureau County) and Champaign-Urbana areas, as well as their surrounding communities. We believe in the power of programming within the child’s natural environment to create sustainable routines and an environment that supports development at all times.

Occupational Therapy Groups

At various times throughout the year, group therapy options are available. Group sessions provide a unique opportunity for children to build friendships and develop skills in a safe supportive environment with peers. LEARN MORE about groups that are being offered.