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Learn Play Live Occupational Therapy – We offer Occupational Therapy services for infant through school-aged children – to enhance development, educate families, teach skills, strengthen bodies, and provide a “just-right challenge” that encourages growth.

We believe that the most fulfilling way to live is to engage in meaningful occupation, participate in meaningful movement, learn through play, engage with others, and grow into unique individuals. We use occupational therapy, not only to meet future goals, but to maximize our potential in the present. We believe that a life well-lived is filled with the things that make each of us unique, contributing members of our family and community. 


Occupational Therapy?

Occupations are the meaningful activities that occupy our time. For children this includes – playing, learning, being a family member and a friend, and participating in personal development. Occupational Therapists believe that engagement in occupation is the foundation for development, health, and happiness. Therefore, occupation is the focus of our philosophy, treatment, and lifestyle!

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Our team serves families in both the Illinois Valley (Putnam County, LaSalle County, Marshall County, and Bureau County) and Champaign-Urbana areas, as well as their surrounding communities.

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